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Complementary information to the Credit Intermediation activity

Maria Alexandra Martins da Silva da Rocha Moreira

Rua da Alegria, 1726
4200-024 Porto

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Civil Liability

Mortgage Credit

2520655 - Hiscox, S.A. Sucursal em Portugal

Valid from until

Consumer Credit

2520656 - Hiscox, S.A. Sucursal em Portugal

Valid from until

Lenders with a binding agreement

  • A Banca
  • Banco CTT
  • Bankinter
  • BPI
  • Caixa Geral de Depósitos
  • logo MDS finance
  • Novo Banco
  • Santander
  • UCI

Conflict Resolution Centres


Value restriction

The Credit Intermediary is forbidden from receiving or delivering any sums related to the formation, execution and early performance of credit agreements, under the terms of article 46 of Decree-Law no. 81-C/2017 of 07 July on the Legal Framework of Credit Intermediaries.


Supervisory Entity

Credit Intermediation activity is subject to supervision by the Bank of Portugal (website: )


Mortgage and consumer credit related services

  • Presentation or proposal of consumer credit agreements
  • Consumer support, by carrying out preparatory acts or other pre-contractual management work in relation to credit agreements which have not been presented or proposed by them
  • Conclusion of credit agreements with consumers on behalf of creditors
  • Consultancy services

Make a complaint

In the event of a complaint, it must be submitted in the following ways:


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